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Why UP Election Result is Important for BJP?

Posted on: 08 Mar, 2017 Tags   UP Election 2017 UP Election Result BJP PM Modi

IndiaNewsonWeb: 08 Mar, 2017, Three days of campaign in UP, without any late after campaign, PM Modi reached Gujarat on a two-day mission. If the supporters told the PM's unique way of working, then the opponents were forced to save the fort. Let us look at the five reasons for which the victory of the UP is essential for BJP and Modi.

1. Referendum on Demonetization

It is therefore necessary to win the election for BJP because it will take the mandate of the UP as a public opinion on the decision of the demonetization. In the recent local body elections, BJP promoted success as a support to demonetization. But the election of the largest state of UP in the country will be the first major election where elections will be held for filing nomination. In this, if the BJP wins, then the demonetization will be publicly publicized as a green signal, but the BJP's performance is not correct in different elections. Opposition parties will get the support, saying that the public voted against the demonetization.

2. 2019 Semifinal

Election of 5 states, including UP, is being considered as a semi-final before the 2019 general elections for the BJP. If BJP succeeds in grabbing power in the country's largest state, then it will be considered as the victory of policies of the Modi Government. But if the BJP is away from the UP's power, then it will have an impact in the forthcoming elections in the other states. After the defeat in Delhi and Bihar elections, the victory of the BJP is very important.

3. Rajya Sabha Seat

Though BJP may be in power in the Lok Sabha but the absence of majority in the Upper House Rajya Sabha is a major hurdle in implementing its policies. There are several such bills that get stuck in the Rajya Sabha after getting passed from the Lok Sabha. Then the BJP has to take opposition parties together. The highest number of seats in UP is 30 seats. In such a scenario, by winning the largest state of UP, the BJP would like to change the equation of the Rajya Sabha so that it can be facilitated in implementing its policies.

4. Challenge of the Presidential Election

Prior to July 25, 2017, the president will also have to be elected. The victory of the UP for the BJP is very important for winning in this. UP has a lot of importance in the presidential election. There are 403 MLAs, 30 Rajya Sabha members and 100 seats of Legislative Council. The importance of UP in the presidential election seems to be from this. If the BJP could not win its candidate in the presidential election, it would become a fight for prestige while being in power in the center. Therefore, the victory of the UP is also important for him.

5. Government is required to implement GST

Goods and services tax, which is to be implemented from 1st July, This will be a major change in the economic system of the country. States will play a considerable role in this. Non-BJP-ruled states will raise their voices on many issues. In such a scenario, BJP will want to keep its voice alive by winning the largest state of UP. The Modi government is presenting GST as a major economic reform, and by winning the UP it will want to raise its voice and power. 

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