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What will Change for Muslim Women When Triple Talaq Bills are Enforced


IndiaNewsonWeb: 29 Dec, 2017, The bill to declare triple talaq as criminal and to face the trial was passed on Thursday after a nearly six-hour long debate in the Lok Sabha. Bill's name is 'The Muslim Women Protection of Rights in Marriage Act'. Triple talaq has been made a punishable offense under this bill without any amendment. After the passage of the Rajya Sabha and the approval of the President, they will get the shape of the law. In this case, everyone is interested in what the impact will be. Now if there are triple talaq to Muslim women, then what will be the options and what will change them for them.

What will change?

After anti triple talaq laws are enacted, if a husband gives his wife triple talaq at a time, then the wife will be able to fight for justice by going into the law. These laws will give statutory powers to Muslim women.

Triple talaq victims will give the woman the power to go to the magistrate. This will enable the woman to fight a legal battle against injustice and will be able to achieve its rights. After this bill, giving triple talaq will be considered a crime.

Anti triple talaq laws will benefit Muslim women of the country. According to the 2011 census, there are 8.4 million Muslim women, who will get the benefit.

Provision in the bill

If a person uses his wife together with triple talaq at one time, whether by writing, by writing or using mobile, computer, in the form of Whatsapp, Facebook, Mail etc., it will be considered illegal.

Together, triple talaq can be punished with one year to three years of punishment and fines. For this, the wife has to prove in court that her husband has given her triple talaq at a time.

Provide livelihood for the life of triple talaq married wife and children. Wife also deserves custody of minor children.

Questions and objections on the bill

Will be in prison, who will pay for wife and children

When the triple talaq is illegal then why the punishment and how

How the case on a third complaint

Triple talaq Bills against Women

Statistics problem

The Supreme Court had declared triple talaq illegal on August 22, 2017. After this it was believed that triple talaq will be stopped, but this has not happened. About 100 cases have been reported after the court's verdict. The most cases have come in UP.
In case of divorce in Muslim community, only one man is divorced than 4 divorced women.

Between 2001 and 2011, there has been a 40 per cent increase in divorce for Muslim women.

49 percent of Muslim girls get married between 14 to 29 years.

13.5 percent of Muslim girls get married before 15 years.

These issues will rise now

Triple talaq Bill has to be passed from the Rajya Sabha after passing the Lok Sabha. In such a situation, Muslim women who have played a key role in enacting triple talaq and making laws. They are now in the mood to run a campaign against polygamous and halala. In the coming days, women can get on the road about these issues. 

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