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UIDAI Introduces Virtual ID to Secure Aadhaar, Know How It Works

Posted on: 11 Jan, 2018 Tags   Aadhaar UIDAI Virtual ID

IndiaNewsonWeb: 11 Jan, 2018, To strengthen the security of Aadhaar data, the UIDAI has made a firm arrangement to the Aadhaar Authority. Wherever you need to provide the Aadhaar details, you will give your virtual id.

In this way your Aadhaar number and other data will be completely safe. The facility of Virtual ID will start getting started from March 1. However, from June 1 it will be mandatory for all the agencies to accept the virtual ID. Next we are telling you how the virtual id will work and how you will be able to generate it yourself.

What is Virtual ID: Virtual ID will be a group of digits, just like the Aadhaar number. At the same time, where the Aadhaar number is of 12 digits, the virtual ID will be of 16 digits.

How often will you generate: You can generate virtual ID for countless times. This ID will be valid only for a short time. It will not be feasible for the misuse of this ID.

Such will be generated: You will be able to generate the virtual ID yourself. For this, you have to go to the UIDAI website. There can be a new tab here, through which you will be able to generate a new virtual ID for each job.

How To Use: After you generate the Virtual ID, you have to give this ID wherever you have to give your Aadhaar details. As soon as you give this ID to the front, it will be able to handle the work related to the Aadhaar with its help.

This is the advantage: With the virtual ID, agencies do not have access to the full details of your Aadhaar. This will allow them to see or get as much information as they need.

Limited KYC: After the arrangement of the virtual ID, every agency will be able to do the work of Verification with ease and in a paperless manner.

Agencies will be divided into two categories: UIDAI will divide all the agencies into two categories. There will be a local and second global category. Of these, only global agencies will have access to EKYC with Aadhaar number. On the other hand, local agencies will get limited KYC facility.

Token will be released: It is being said that UIDAI will issue a token for every Aadhaar number. Thanks to this token, the agencies will be able to verify the Aadhaar details. This token number will be different for each Aadhaar number. This token will be given to local agencies.

Action taken on Aadhaar security: This step has been taken after the incident from the Aadhaar Authority, where the information related to the

Aadhaar card was found to be stolen.

The English newspaper, The Tribune, conducted a detection, in which such things have been exposed. According to the Tribune, he bought this service from a Whatsapp Group for only Rs 500 and got access to around 100 million Aadhaar cards.

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