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Top 5 Political Agenda That Can Help BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha Election


IndiaNewsonWeb: 04 Jan, 2018, BJP got majority in Gujarat elections, if the Congress is giving the experience of victory, then BJP itself is getting a very important warning. In the center, the current Modi government is seeking votes for a new term in 2019. In the Gujarat elections, the opposition wanted to stop BJP's victory by making the issue of economic policies of the Modi government. It was not successful, but BJP could not get more than 99 seats to form the government for the sixth time.

It is clear that the lesson for the BJP in Gujarat's conclusions is that it will face a strong opposition in 2019. Therefore, with the economic reforms and development mantras, elections will not get the majority. In such a situation, these five issues could be the 2019 election agenda for BJP.

1. Ram Temple

Building Ram temple in Ayodhya is BJP's oldest electoral futures. This issue of Lok Sabha or the Lok Sabha issue has consistently supported BJP. By putting this issue in cold storage, Narendra Modi promised to give a new direction to the country, Modi reached the top of BJP in 2014. But in 2019 this issue will remain in cold storage. It does not seem that. The Supreme Court on Ayodhya will be hearing every day from February on the Ram temple. Any decision of the court can ever bring this issue to the center of Indian politics. If that happens, then BJP will not be able to make air in its favor in 2019 elections.

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2. Triple Talaq

The Central Government has prepared the framework of the law on the issue of triple talaq. Prime Minister Modi is saying on the issue of triple talaq that this is not a religious matter but a matter related to women's rights and politics should not be there. The way people associated with Muslim organizations are reacting to the issue of triple talaq, it does not seem that this matter will move ahead with such peace. That is, the prime minister is making an appeal to keep the important issue beyond politics, the same issue can come in the center of politics. If there is any polarization on this issue, then BJP cannot be denied its advantage. Such polarization in the election will eventually take the results in favor of the BJP.

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3. Hafiz Saeed to Dawood

Indo-Pak bilateral relations have played an important role in every election of the country. BJP leader LK Advani to visit Jinnah's mazar in Pakistan, talk of breaking firecrackers in Pakistan on BJP's loss in Bihar elections or even in Gujarat elections itself by claiming by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Congress has given Pakistan its name Supari has given the effect, show the effect. In every election that took place after the surgical strike, PM Modi has taken the Congress on the stage to question the strike. It can be said that the issues related to terrorists such as Pakistan, Dawood Ibrahim or Hafiz Saeed are also at the center of discussion in the Lok Sabha elections due to which it has been affected.

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4. Reservation

The issue which has troubled the ruling BJP in the state in the Gujarat elections, the most demanding reservation for the state is that the reservation for Patel's reservation in the state is demanded. Reservation is an issue which can shock BJP in 2019 as even in Rajasthan and Haryana, such demand for caste reservation is being done by the Gujjars-Jats. BJP has to take a firm decision before the 2019 elections. The decision to allow this genie to be taken out of the reservation or to remain locked in a bottle can have direct effect on the results.

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5. Next Order of Economic Reform Anonymous Property

BJP showed the Congress way out of power by adopting the issue of corruption and black money in 2014. When the Modi government announced demonetizaion on playing the stakes on these issues, he named it a surgical strike against black money. With this decision, BJP has given a clear message that it is standing in opposition to corruption and black money and its advantage has been raised in the elections of many states. But by 2019 the note-book will be an old case for the BJP. In such a situation, he will need new economic reform which will strengthen his vote bank. So, BJP can now exercise the right to strike the benami property on the basis of corruption and black money in the elections of 2019 and put the result in its favor. 

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