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Presidential Election Preparation Starts, President Election Cell Formed

Posted on: 07 Feb, 2017 Tags   President Election

IndiaNewsonWeb: 07 Feb, 2017, style="text-align: justify;">All eyes are set on the assembly elections in five states who finally beat the odds. BJP to win in these states is not only a question of prestige, but also in the center, depending on the results of Modi's political calculations. The biggest impact will have on the presidential election in July, because the party failed to win in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, he will not be president of their choice and will have to seek the help of other parties.

President Election Cell

Currently, election results before the noise and slowly went to the presidential elections have begun preparations. Elections and the race for the Budget session of Parliament amid election of the new President in the exercise of the President's Election Cell has been created. Room No. 108 & 79, Parliament House and the parliamentary secretariat, a team for new president has started work on election preparations. According to the presidential election scheduled calendar July 25, 2017 to elect the country's first citizen has to be.

Exercise began

Lok Sabha secretariat sources said earlier this month introduced in parliament went to the exercise of the presidential election. According to the general coordinator of the Secretariat of the President formulas have been made. The last time it was played by the Rajya Sabha secretariat responsibility. Secretary General of the Lok Sabha will be the Returning Officer for the presidential election. Following the advice of the Commission with regard to the presidential election has created cell.

In India, the President is selected by indirect election system, which is directly elected by the electorate college. That is, every elected MPs, legislators and council members is determined on the basis of states electoral value. So the members of both Houses of Parliament will vote. The elected representatives of the states in the provinces will vote.

Under the circumstances, the NDA nearly 4.52 lakh votes and elect their presidential candidates directly about a million more votes are needed to win. In the states where elections are to be 103 756 votes are at stake. 83 824 votes in the UP state that has the highest. So, if the government loses the presidential elections, candidates will not be the number needed to win and they have to talk to other regional parties. In addition to these largely BJD, AIADMK, Trinamool Congress will play a key role. The government is under pressure to bring up that name, which is everyone's consensus.

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