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Political Parties Stranded by Accepting Election Commission Challenge to Tamper EVM

Posted on: 25 May, 2017 Tags   EVM Political Parties Election Commision

IndiaNewsonWeb: 25 May, 2017, After BJP's big win in the assembly elections in five states, the opposition had made the EVM issue, but now perhaps their move has become dull. No political party has so far accepted the Election Commission's open defecation challenge (EVM Challenge) from EVM.

Friday is the last day to give the names of its representatives to the challenge. However, till Wednesday evening no party has given it a name. Since June 3, the Challenge Parties will be given an opportunity to prove their misconduct with the EVM from June 3. Before this it is necessary to give the name to the commission. The Commission has asked all the parties participating in the Assembly elections in five states in the past to prove that it has been tampered with EVMs. For this purpose the parties will be allowed to send as three person representatives.

Various opposition parties including Congress, SP, BSP, Trinamool, JDU, RJD and others had earlier complained about this in this regard. You did claim that in the last few days, in the Delhi Assembly, you had claimed through a machine that EVMs can be hacked very easily. Even the MLA had even claimed that he can also change the motherboard in a few seconds.

Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi said in the media that no solid evidence has been given to the Commission regarding the EVMs from opposition parties so far. Zaidi said that for this challenge, we have started calling voting machines to Delhi, which were used in the assembly elections of five states.

Each party will be given four hours’ time.
The control unit of EVM and the ballot unit will be able to tamper with the press.
With the help of an external device like Bluetooth or mobile phone, you can also prove your point.
If the machine is shut down during this period, the claims of the parties will be considered to be over.
Parties have to work according to the instructions. They will not be allowed to open the machine or change parts.

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