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Penalty on Electricity Distribution Companies if They Fail to Supply 24 Hours Electricity

Posted on: 13 Nov, 2017 Tags   Electric Bus Penallty

IndiaNewsonWeb: 13 Nov, 2017, Experts associated with the power industry, to secure the power of the gates, along with the penalty and strict regulation arrangements for power cuts on power distribution companies to achieve the government's ambitious target of supplying 24 hours of electricity for every home in the country. The emphasis is on the measures taken. The government has set a target to provide home-grown electricity for December 2018. He is trying to complete the work of electrification of all the remaining villages till December this year. Along with this, ambitious targets have been provided for 24 hours of continuous electricity access to all houses till March 2019.

Tata Power's Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Anil Sardana said that for this purpose it is important that the financial position of the power distribution companies is improved. He has described Uday Yojana as an important step in this direction. The ujjwal discom assurance yojna (Uday) is a plan to improve the financial condition of the government's power distribution companies.

Sardana, Chairman of the National Committee on Electricity Board, CII said that the reduction in gross technical and commercial losses in power utility, reducing the gap between cost and regular revision of electricity rates will strengthen the financial position of the companies. The company's condition will help in achieving the goal of ensuring sustainable power supply to every household.

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd, which handles power distribution in some parts of Delhi (Tata Power DDL) spokesman said that in some cities like the National Capital, Delhi, there is a provision for penalties on power cuts. To provide 24 hours of electricity to all the houses for seven days, the same provision should be applied to all the power distribution companies in the country to ensure that the distribution companies are in the power of financial problems or inefficiency, due to the power cuts Do not.

Central Electricity Minister RK Singh had recently said that the government is finalizing the Electricity Act Amendment Bill, in addition to other things, electricity distribution companies will be required to complete the electricity purchase agreement to meet 100 percent electricity requirements of their area before renewal. (PPA). Also, compliance with PPA will be made compulsory and if there is no such thing, there will be a penalty.

BSES Capital Power Ltd. Director of Gopal Saxena said that the responsibility of supplying electricity to the distribution companies across the country (USO) remains. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad have strong regulatory frameworks and established standards. He said that in other cities, the goal of providing 24-hour power can be achieved by strengthening the regulatory system and strictly implementing it.

Sardana said that private distribution companies are ensuring in their licensing areas that each family gets unlimited electricity. We believe that similar commitment from public sector power distribution companies is essential to fulfill this government's goal.

According to the proud portal of the Ministry of Power, electricity has been provided in 14,911 out of 18,452 villages deprived of power facilities while the work of transmitting electricity to 2,508 villages is in progress. There are 1,033 villages where no one lives. The goal is to complete this goal by December 2017. Earlier it was targeted for May 2018.

The Government has launched a good fortune to provide electricity to all households till December 2018. Under this, electricity is provided to nearly 40 million households deprived of electricity.

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