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Now Aadhaar is Going Compulsory for Online Shopping, Started on Amazon

Posted on: 03 Dec, 2017 Tags   Aadhaar Aadhar Card Amazon

IndiaNewsonWeb: 03 Dec, 2017, The need for Aadhaar is not limited to taking advantage of government services, but it is now preparing to make its need mandatory in the e-commerce market. Veteran e-commerce website has also asked its customers in India to download copies of their Aadhaar on their site.

What is the case?

Amazon is telling its Indian customers that they link their aadhaar number to their Amazon account on the company's website so that any lost package can be easily found. Amazon's Customer Representative has told people on many occasions that if they do not link to the aadhaar from their Amazon account, then there may be a delay in the solution if there is any problem related to the order.

Those who do not have the aadhaar, what should they do? Amazon was told that the Aadhaar Card will confirm the authenticity of the customer whose baggage is lost. Amazon's Indian spokesman told that if the customer does not have the Aadhaar in any case, then he can upload a copy of any other government certificate. However, some restrictions may be imposed on this. At the same time, the customers who had not linked their aadhaar to their Amazon account had to face many difficulties in telling Amazon their point of view.

For the information, tell you that the last date for linking the Aadhaar number to the bank account is 31 December 2017, while the last date for linking the mobile number to the aadhaar has been fixed on February 6.


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