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NGT Stop All Protest at Jantar Mantar Immediately

Posted on: 06 Oct, 2017 Tags   Protest Jantar Mantar NGT

IndiaNewsonWeb: 06 Oct, 2017, The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Thursday blocked the historic Jantar Mantar area with immediate effect on all types of demonstrations and protest. The NGT said that in the name of cow protection Gayawans and bullock carts, people living in the Jantar Mantar area suffer from difficulties. The demonstration site has become a battleground for protesters.

The bench, chaired by Justice RS Rathore, said that the area has become a permanent place for spreading dirt by protesters. Institutions like New Delhi Municipal Council and Police have failed to keep cleanliness around Jantar Mantar and its surroundings. They have also failed to ensure peaceful and comfortable life for the people of the area.

The bench said that there are some demonstrators who bring cows with bullocks on Jantar Mantar Road in the name of cow protection, which increases the problem for the residents.

Tribunal said that the continuous use of this area by protesters is a violation of environmental laws including the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act, 1981. He said that people living in the vicinity of it have the right to live in a peaceful and comfortable manner and there should be a pollution free environment at their habitations.

NGT was hearing a petition filed by Varun Seth and others. It was alleged in the petition that movement and procession performed by social groups, political parties, NGOs on Jantar Mantar is a major source of noise pollution in the region.

It was said in the petition that it was a violation of the right to live regularly, demonstrate in a peaceful manner and the right to live in a healthy environment, the right to peace, the right to sleep and the right to live with honor.

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