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National Register of Citizens (NRC) Released in Assam, Step to Remove Illegal Muslim Bangladeshi Intruders


IndiaNewsonWeb: 02 Jan, 2018, The National Citizen Register (NRC) released on December 31 in Assam, the state police and administration are cautious. According to the guidelines of the Supreme Court, the first draft of this register is to be issued. The Registrar General of India released the NRC on the midnight of December 31.

His name is being recorded in this register for identifying Indian citizens living in Assam. This step has been done to remove illegal Muslim Bangladeshi intruders in Assam.

Identity crisis in Assam

The State Government says that foreigners who are illegally living in India and who do not get place in this register will be excluded from the country. Because of this, the law system can worsen in this state.

In view of this, thousands of policemen and paramilitary personnel have been deployed in the state. However, an official of the Home Ministry has said that the people whose names are not in the register need not panic.

The official said that such people will be given enough opportunities to register their names. The official said that no one should think that they could be discriminated against.

The official has said that before issuing the final list, the second and third draft of the register will also be issued. He said, 'There is no need to panic people. The real Indian citizens will not be deprived of their rights. '

According to the news agency PTI, the official said that in the areas of the state where suspicious citizens can be excluded from the drafts, intelligence has been received.

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal also said on Wednesday that Indian citizens will have enough opportunities to get their names included in the register.

The process of filing of names in the National Register of Citizens began in 2005 and now it has grown faster. The Supreme Court, keeping an eye on the entire process, had ordered that the first draft of NRC should be published by December 31.

About 3000 government service centers in Assam will deliver this draft to the people. Drafts will be delivered to every village service center from ten villages.

According to the information, in the initial draft, there will be names of 20 million people, while 3.28 crore people applied for their name in this list.

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