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Modi Government may Introduce New Social Media Policy to Stop Hatred & Rumors


IndiaNewsonWeb: 24 Jun, 2017, These days social media is becoming the biggest tool to spread rumors. This platform was created to connect people to each other and to increase peace in the society, but due to the contaminated mentality of some people, it is becoming a weapon to spread malpractices and animosity. Realizing this, the Modi Government of the Center has prepared social networking to prepare people for spreading propaganda. It is expected that the Central Government can soon bring a new social media policy.

Now the Central Government is in the process of bringing a new social media policy to circumvent nationwide propaganda being run through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

On June 22, a large meeting was held in the Home Ministry on which meetings were held on how to bring this plan. According to the Home Ministry sources, officials of the Home Ministry and central security agencies were present in this regard.

Several issues have been discussed in this meeting that took place regarding the social media policy. In which it was discussed that only some 'does' and 'donors' are present in the present time to stop anti-Indian propaganda in the social media. It has also been discussed how to make it strong and effective.

How to get legal screws on the spread of propaganda on social media was also discussed whether the law should be brought in for those spreading anti-UPA propaganda separately or by changing existing laws and strengthening it. The reason is that the action which is currently on such people is only for IT Act and IPC. But there is no mention of social media directly in both of these laws.

In the coming days, the central government can do more meetings with this new social media policy only after it will decide how to bring this policy. According to information from the sources, after the minutes of meeting is ready, the entire policy will be placed before the Home Minister. The final decision is taken by the Home Minister only.

This move of the government becomes very important after the events where terrorists and anti-national elements have used social media to provoke people. There were occasions also occurring in which some rumor was spread through social media. After this there was widespread violence and tension spread in many parts of the country.

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