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Know Why Facebook Shuts AI System

Posted on: 01 Aug, 2017 Tags   Facebook AI System Artificial Intelligence

IndiaNewsonWeb: 01 Aug, 2017, A few days ago Tesla CEO Alan Musk had said that Facebook's co-founder Mark Zuckerberg knew very little about artificial intelligence. This statement was not even old enough, and Facebook allegedly had to close its own Artificial Intelligence system because 'the thing started to come out of hand'. These Artificial Intelligence Bots had formed a language in which there was no human support. That's why Facebook had to shut down the system. Bots were not designed and communicated in the new languages according to the codes given.

According to a report printed in Tech Times on Sunday, 'AI did not start or stop things like computer around the world, but he stopped using English and started using one language he created.' Initially, AI agents were using English to communicate with each other, but later they consolidated a language that could only understand the AI system.

This caused Facebook researchers to shut down AI systems and forced them to speak in English in order to talk to each other.

In June, when a researcher of Facebook's AI Research Lab (FAIR) was busy improving chatbots, they found that the dialogue agents were preparing their own language. According to media reports, soon the attention of the bots began to skip on scripted things and they started talking in a completely new language which was beyond human comprehension.

Using machine learning algorithms, the dialogue agents were allowed to talk freely to improve communication skills. Researchers also found that these bots were bargaining very well.

It has been said in the report, that over time, the bargains have become very fast and they show fake interest in something so that in the future, in a false compromise, they can show that they have secured that item.

However, it seems to be great success for AI, but many experts, including Professor Stephen Hawking, fear that AI can rule on humans with slow biological evaluation.

Apart from Tesla's CEO Alan Musk, Bill Gates and Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak have also expressed concern about the future of AI Technologies. Just a few days ago, the debate between Alan Musk and Mark Zuckerberg was sparked. Zuckerberg said while taking aim at Musk, "Some people do not say everything in everything, I do not understand it at all. It is very negative and in a way quite irresponsible. ‘On this, Musk tweeted, "I spoke with Mark on the future of its (AI). His understanding is very low on this issue. '

Musk has been speaking many times on the issue of AI and its success seems to be extremely dangerous for human civilization. He says that AI is an abnormal issue where we have to be in the role of controller because if we just keep giving feedback and cannot control AI then it will be late.

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