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Know How Rich Indian Temples in India


IndiaNewsonWeb: 19 Nov, 2015, The 4 major temples (Tirupati, Shirdi Sai Baba, Siddhivinayak and Kashi Vishwanath) on August 11 by the use of your donated money was a special story. The Kashi Vishwanath temple and temple attached to our report the theft of donations after taking cognizance of complaints regarding other state government has started investigation. The investigation related to the religious affairs department principal secretary Navneet Sehgal and under the supervision of the Commissioner of Varanasi. Based on initial investigation guilty Trust has 3 employees and 2 priests were dismissed. Navneet Sehgal told, "Temple donation in case of theft is serious. It will not be tolerated at all. Records and CCTV footage from the temple in Varanasi Collector's Office has been replenished. Soon after completing the investigation the guilty will be punished. “(CCTV stealing money from donations to discover the click)

Prime Minister's constituency located in the Kashi Vishwanath temple Last week, a video linked to the theft of donations to our news once again proved true. In August, after a video surfaced in which 2 of the temple donated by temple Pujari money in your pocket carrying case is clearly visible. You can watch the video above.

The CCTV footage is recorded in June. It seems clear that the worship of Baba Vishwanath Pandey Neeraj a faithful priest to wear a scarf. Then a thousand rupee note out of your purse faithful priest, but the priest instead of putting the money into donation box with his left. Jha also by temple priests past video surfaced of stealing money from the sanctuary, after which the accused priest was removed.

These are just the major iconic temple is really connected. Ever wondered what the rest of the country how big and rich temple use your money to charity. Learn more by clicking on the slides near the temples where there is all the money comes and how you use mostly donated so much money? Read the special report attached to temples. Learn additionally, the money and what can get in free.

Chilkur Balaji Temple

Indianewsonweb Chilkur Balaji Temple

There is a temple in the country where the donation is strictly prohibited. Temple known as Visa Chilkur Balaji temple in Hyderabad is not a bill or a donation. The average 70 thousand pilgrims is the country's only temple where donation is strictly prohibited. The temple complex made out of your spending money from parking triggers. Management believes that the temple devotees place to put the money in the donation box of the temple should be spent on the poor and needy. It will be more virtuous. The temple is open only 3 days a week, from 70 thousand to 1 million devotees. Recognize that people who wish to go abroad if they circle the temple 108 must get a visa.

Bhrasta Tantra Vinashak Shani Mandir

Indianewsonweb Bhrasta Tantra Vinashak Shani Mandir

Kanpur's only temple in the country where judges, politicians, MPs, MLAs and ministers are kept out. Temple Management believes that the people are responsible for corruption in the country. The inside of the temple cannot.

1. The country's 4 major temples (Tirupati, Shirdi Sai Baba, Siddhivinayak and Kashi Vishwanath) a day, the average earnings of Rs 8 crore and Rs 55 is earning every minute. The Tirupati temple alone comes to around Rs 7 crore donation. So in one day, these donations are the only God. Tirupati temple of Lord 24 hours 70 kg of gold jewelery are worn.

2. Tirupati temple salary in a year and spends at Rs 695 crore. As soon as the temples of world major company employees temple priests, car, home Loan, education loans, wedding Loan, free food, including PF-pension facilities.

3. 50 lakh crore worth of land near the temple of 22 thousand tonnes (20 million quintals) is gold. The American Gold Reserve (8133.5 tons) of two and a half times and the Gold Reserve (557.7 tons) is 40 times. The wealth so that about 25 companies, including Reliance can be purchased at one time. (August 26, market capitalization of RIL was Rs 2.60 lakh crore.)

4. Temple about 50 lakh crore worth of gold reserves. So the money can fill petrol in the country 500 years Free. (10,200 million a year in India are filled their gasoline.) Or 100 years can travel free on the train. (According to the 2015 budget, in 2014 the people of the country to train the railways earned Rs 42,000 crore provided.) Or up to 2 years can eat for free. (Tendulkar committee is reported to Rs 18,000 per capita cost of food.)

5. 80 bullet trains can run across the country. (62 thousand crore in a bullet train running costs.)

6. Country's richest temple Tirumala Tirupati, and more than a thousand people make up 3 million Laddu. They nearly Rs 200 crore by selling temple revenues.

7. 1200 as a women's hair cut are kept in the Tirupati temple. The Temple has earned Rs 220 crore annually by selling hair. Temple hair sells 850 tons annually. 283.5 g average weight of women's hair sells for Rs 17900. 453.6 grams of the long hair get Rs 29,900.

8. Tirupati Tirumala temple alone total assets (1.30 million), the total wealth of the country's richest man, Mukesh Abanni (1.29 trillion, according to Forbes 2015) is over. 

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