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ISRO Launched 100th Satellite of India, 31 Satellite of 7 Countries including US


IndiaNewsonWeb: 12 Jan, 2018, In the world of space, India has created history. Today, the century of sending a satellite to ISRO is complete. ISRO launched 31 satellites simultaneously via PSLV on Friday morning at 9.28. Of the 31 satellites sent, three are Indians and 28 are from six countries: Canada, Finland, France, South Korea, Britain and America.

For the Earth observation, the 710 kg cartoset-2 series is the primary satellite of the mission. It also has a co-passenger satellite that includes 100 kilograms of micro and 10 kilogram nano satellites. Of the 28 international co-passenger satellites, 19 are from America, five South Korea and one each from Canada, France, Britain and Finland.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also felicitated and congratulated ISRO on this occasion. Modi wrote on Twitter that the congratulations on this achievement of ISRO in the beginning of the new year. We hope that this will help the farmers, fishermen and citizens of the country.

On this achievement of India, the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has said that it is pursuing a dual policy with the satellites being launched by India. These satellites can be used in civil and military purposes. Therefore, it is necessary that they should not be used for military capabilities, if it happens that it will have an adverse impact on the area.

Let us know that ISRO wrote on its website on Thursday, "The work of filling the fourth phase of PSLV-C440 is going on." Fourth phase PSLV-C-40 height will be 44.4 meters and weighing 320 tons. With PSLV 31 satellites, weighing 1332 kg have been integrated so that they can be deployed in the upper orbit of the Earth after

Let it be said that on Wednesday, only the Central Government, the famous scientist. Shivan has been appointed as the new chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He replaced Kiran Kumar. The Appointment Committee of the Cabinet approved the name of Shivan on Wednesday. Kiran's tenure is going to be completed on January 14. However, Kiran Kumar was also present during the launch on Friday.

First Space Project of the Year

Four months ago 31 August 2017, a similar missile failed to distribute the country's eighth navigation satellite in the lower class of the Earth. PSLV-C 40 is the first space project of 2018. Annadurai said, "PSLV was very successful till its 39th project (PSLV-C39), PSLV-C39 was a major setback for us because the heat shield was not separated."
India has made history in the field of space on Friday. In morning 9.28, ISRO launched 31 satellites from Sriharikota. At the same time, a century of ISRO satellites has been completed. One of the launch satellites on Friday is very special, which is also careful in neighboring Pakistan. This satellite is called Cartosat-2, which is also being called 'Eye in the Sky'.

Why are China and Pakistan afraid?

Photos of the Earth can be taken through this satellite. India will be able to track the activities of terrorists on the border. It is a semantic imaging satellite that will be used to monitor the enemy. With the help of this satellite, we can monitor the activities of Pakistan and China across the border.

Let us tell you that ISRO launched 31 satellites on Friday morning via PSLV on Friday 9.28. Three of the 31 satellites sent are Indian and 28 are from six countries: Canada, Finland, France, South Korea, UK and the United States. 

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