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Interesting Facts about Indian Population

Posted on: 16 Feb, 2017 Tags   Census Interesting Facts Indian Population

IndiaNewsonWeb: 16 Feb, 2017, population of India was 1.221 billion according to the 2011 census, and in terms of population after China it is the second. It is believed that by 2050 India's population have increased similarly India will become the world's most populous country. Currently most populous state in India, Uttar Pradesh and Sikkim is the least populous state. In this article we describe the population of India related such interesting data about which you will be hardly know.

1. In India, more than 65 million people live in slums. This number is a little lower than the total population of Thailand is approximately 67.01 million.

2. Mumbai's local train’s daily around 7.58 million people travel. This number is more than the population of many countries such as New Zealand and Bulgaria's.

3. India's largest state in terms of population, the population of Uttar Pradesh is more than the total population of Brazil. In 2013, the total population of approximately 204.2 million of UP, while the population of Brazil was 200.4 million.

4. The total number of students in India in 2011 was approximately 315 million, which is twice the amount of the total population of Russia. Also, the number of English speakers in India is more than the total population of the United Kingdom.

5. In 2013, at the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad that lasted 2 months the number of devotees visiting the nearly 120 million which is equal to the total population of Mexico.

6. Year from 1901 to 2011, India's population has increased by almost 516% and it increased from 238 million to 1.221 billion.

7. The number of Muslim families living in India and Pakistan is almost equal number of Muslims in India but only 14% of the total population of the country i.e. 172.2 million whereas number of Muslims in Pakistan, i.e. 97% of the total population of the country is 176.2 million-it shows the sovereignty of India's peaceful policy.

8. In India, the average population density of 382 persons per sq km, while the average population density of 1,102 persons per sq km in the Bihar state.

9. Between 2001 and 2011, India's population density was more than the total population of Pakistan. During these 10 years, India's population increased by 181 million, while the total population of Pakistan in 2011 was 176.2 million.

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