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Haj Subsidy will Ends, Demand of Freedom of the Haj Committee Arises

Posted on: 10 Oct, 2017 Tags   Haj Haj Subsidy Subsidy Air India

IndiaNewsonWeb: 10 Oct, 2017, After the Supreme Court directive, the government has introduced a new Haj Policy. This Haj Policy will be implemented in 2018, which will last till 2022. This new policy of the government has been prepared after the direction of the Supreme Court, which talked about eliminating Haj subsidy and said that subsidy money should be spent in the development of Muslims. Now, it is believed that the subsidy on Haj pilgrimage will end in complete way.

Kamal Farooqi, a member of the High Level Committee on Haj Policy, termed 'Haj subsidy' as 'so-called'. He claimed, "Whatever the benefit of the so called Haj subsidy, it is Air India".

Against Subsidy

However, Kamal Farooqi himself opposed the subsidy on Haj. They demanded that the Haj Committee be given liberty, telling them to end subsidy. Farooqi said that whatever property belongs to the Haj Committee, it has been deposited with Haj passengers' money. In such a situation, the government should be made free by making 'Haj Corporation of India'.

Air Travel Subsidy

In fact, the largest portion of the subsidy given to Haj pilgrims is spent on air travel. The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, provides these subsidies through Haj Committee of India. This money is given directly to Air India instead of Haj passengers.

It is also worth noting that these exemptions, given in the name of Haj pilgrims, are made available only for those Haj pilgrims, who are registered for the Haj by being registered with the Haj Committee of India (HCoI). However, pilgrims who travel through Private Tour Operators (PTOs) do not get the benefit.

Under the new policy, 70% passenger through the Haj Committee and 30% passenger will be able to travel on Haj through private operators.

Government spends so much

According to a figure, in 2012, Rs 836 crores was spent on subsidy, while in 2013, Rs 680 crores was given as subsidy. It went down to 533 million in 2014. According to Kamaal Farooqi, in the current year, only 200 crore funds have been provided from the proposed budget for subsidy.

In fact, in 2010, the Ministry of External Affairs had proposed a proposal, under which every year the subsidy was reduced by 10 percent. Since then, continuous deduction of Haj subsidy is being done.

Haj pilgrims apply to the Haj Committee of India. For this, they have to submit application fee also. The Haj Committee submits the list of travelers who go to their quota, which is shared with the airlines. For Haj pilgrims, the Haj Committee spends around 25 thousand rupees. However, the travel expenses of a Haj pilgrim who travel with the help of private tour operators are much higher.

This year, a passenger who came to Haj by the private operators has come to about 70 thousand rupees. However, the passenger who traveled by the Haj Committee has spent 25 thousand rupees. Both of these funds are more than the common passenger traveling to Saudi Arabia. However, these expenses are also different from different locations.

Seaside Travel Considerations

Under the new policy, the matter of completing Haj pilgrimage via sea-ship has also come out. Union Minority Welfare Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has expressed the possibility of considering this, while citing lesser expenditure. However, Kamal Farooqi described his statement as political. He said that it is very risky and the Ministry of External Affairs has also refused it for security reasons.

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