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Gujarat Farmers Set Up a Company to Increase Income and Productivity

Posted on: 30 Nov, 2017 Tags   Farmers Gujarat Election 2017

IndiaNewsonWeb: 30 Nov, 2017, Gujarat has witnessed the success of farmers in the electoral atmosphere. With the collective effort of the farmers and the technology they got in the remote villages of the state, farmers have changed the fate of the villages. Farmers have achieved success in increasing their income by increasing the agriculture product by more than two times.

Farmers producing company created by farmers

About 266 km from the state capital Gandhinagar, the farmers of Wakia village of Southern Gujarat created a 'farmer producing company' to increase their income, increase agricultural production and promote agriculture. "We were inspired by the dream of doubling the income of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the farmers," said Bauji Sagatia, member of Saurashtra Swanarbhar Kadut Producers Company's board of directors. The government is working on its share. We also need to show enthusiasm and come forward with new ways. "Earlier, one kilo acres of land was able to produce 500 kg, which has now been increased to 1,200 kilograms.

Farmers' income increased as production increased

The idea of making the company to the farmers came after Reliance Industries Ltd's exposure to Reliance Foundation's social activist Reliance Foundation. The Foundation had advised farmers to find out the cause of drought in the Saurashtra region and to make a forum for collective efforts to resolve it. Saagatia said, "With the increase in production, our income has also increased. Earlier, we got Rs 3,500 per quintal but now we are getting Rs 4,500. "He further said," After making the company, we started selling our product in Nafed. Earlier we used to sell in local markets. Now the farmer informs us about the quantity of our product and we allocate the date for the product to be sold. It is connected through a message alert. "

Register under the Companies Act Farmer Producing Company

This company was registered under the Companies Act in 2015. Its board of directors has six members, including two women. More than 1,600 farmers of 17 nearby villages are its members. Saagatia said, "We have registered all the mobile numbers and they are sent alerts from the message when they are needed." Bharat Patel, Coordinator of Reliance Foundation, coordinating the agricultural sector initiatives in Gujarat said, "First The farmers here were only dependent on cotton cultivation. Today three out of three fruits are taking advantage of better technology and water management and their business has increased more than 125 percent. '

The farmers belonging to the 17 villages

Saagatia said, "Reliance Foundation came to our village four years ago. He is working on water conservation, food and nutrition, health and education, agriculture and so on. "He said," We work towards encouraging agriculture. “We ensure that no farmer left his farm due to reasons like changes in the weather, low production, low yielding prices in the market, etc. ". This productive farmers has set up a laboratory in Babra tehsil for better production. . The farmers of 17 villages come here to test their seeds before sowing. This helps them in sowing the right seeds and this is the main reason for growing production.

A new model of farming emerged

In addition, farmers have started cultivating groundnut. Its cultivation requires less water than cotton. The company has also constructed more than 70 small temporary dams for irrigation. This has improved the water level in the region. Liliben, a member of the board of directors, said that this model has given women the opportunity and they have got an opportunity to participate in the role of advisor. They said, "We are no longer limited to farms. The whole process has created a new farming model in which significant progress has been made in the participation of women in policy matters. "

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