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First Floating School of India Open in Manipur

Posted on: 14 Feb, 2017 Tags   Floating School Loktak Lake

IndiaNewsonWeb: 14 Feb, 2017, style="text-align: justify;">Have you ever watched school floats on water? If not, see. This is countries first school to float on water.

The country's largest freshwater lake 'Loktak Lake', is now India's first floating school went home to become. Yes floats on water in Manipur is the country's first primary school was opened. It was named 'Floating Loktak Elementary School’. “The destitute, the homeless and not due to any school or education will be dropouts.

The opening of this school, 50 km from Imphal, Manipur, a small village of Champu Khangpok Langolsabi Leikai has been.

The thing that Loktak Lake is 'lifeline of Manipur” says. Irrigation of crops ranging from the largest source of drinking water. It is also famous for Bird Area.

Now add one more thing went from Loktak lake and it floats on the water is the first elementary school, where students will be taught have been homeless.

The school and social service organization that Loktak Lake Fishermen Union of People Resource Development Association (PRDA) has been launched in collaboration with.

Small children will be taught not only at school but also the illiterate adults will be educated. 25 children at a time can read in school, the 2 teacher will teach.

The project funded by Action Aid India PRDA 'Empowering Vulnerable Local Communities for Sustainable Development' has the full support of the surrounding villagers.

Opinion of the villagers

Loktak lake Onam Rajan Singh said that living in the village, most of us are illiterate and rely on fish for income. We teach our children in school, unable to send out. This initiative, therefore, is like a boon for us.

According to reports, if the school is successful and the project quality education to students can be expected to increase the number of classes will be carried forward. Went up by the government of the 'Free Education' under school class can be increased to 8.

Recently Loktak Lake Protection Act 2006 for the cleaning of the lake Loktak Development Authority has removed almost 700 huts floating in the lake.

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