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Election Commission Announced Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2017 Date, VVPAT will be Used


IndiaNewsonWeb: 12 Oct, 2017, There is a buzz for the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections. EC announced dates. The Commission said that the photo voter ID card will be used in the election. Although dates for the Gujarat elections will not be announced today.

When will the voting in Himachal?

Notification will be issued on October 16.

Votes will be cast in Himachal Pradesh on 9th November.

Counting of votes will be on December 18

Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Jyoti said that there are 7 thousand 5 hundred 21 polling stations in Himachal Pradesh. All polling stations will be on the ground floor and VVPAT will be used at all places. The Commission said that the code of conduct will be implemented in Himachal Pradesh today ie Thursday.

Giving the information, the Commission said that VVPAT will be used for the first time in a state election. Every candidate can spend in campaigning. Every election rally will be videography.

Jyoti said that the voter should match the name of the candidate who voted with the slip from VVPAT. While giving detailed information about this, the Chief Election Commissioner said that every candidate will have to fill every column and notices will be issued if not done.

Congress ready to form government again

Welcoming the Election Commission's announcement, Congress leader and Himachal Pradesh's in-charge Ranjita Ranjan said that the Congress party in Himachal is ready to win the battle. He said that we had been waiting for the announcement of the Election Commission for a long time. The Congress has been a government in Himachal for six consecutive times.

He said that recently some power has changed, but this time we are again forming our government in Himachal Pradesh. The general public is scared in the Modi government of 3 years. With the good governance of Virbhadra Singh in Himachal Pradesh, we will again form our government.

Two in Gujarat, elections in one phase in Himachal

Assuming the sources that Gujarat assembly elections can be held in two phases. Last time, the Gujarat assembly elections had two phases. There is a possibility of elections in Himachal in one phase in November. The last election was held on November 4 and the result was on December 20.

The top officials of the commission said that the announcement of the election program has already been delayed, so the commission has decided to announce it on Thursday itself. On the other hand, according to the high level sources of government, the government has become the announcement, inauguration and fundraising.

BJP-Congress in action

Significantly, the rates of petrol and diesel have been reduced in view of elections in both states. State governments cut VAT on the request of the central government. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is also holding the Gujarat front. Rahul has visited Gujarat twice in the last one month. Rahul is visiting the city-city and attacking the Modi government.

At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also done many tour of Gujarat in the last few days. The PM laid the foundation of the bullet train in Gujarat in the past, started the Sardar Sarovar Dam and started many other schemes. PM had also visited his hometown, Vadnagar recently.

This is the situation now

Significantly, there are 182 assembly seats in Gujarat. Right now, BJP has 120, Congress 43, NCP 2, JD (U) 1, 1 seat independents. On the other hand Himachal has 68 Assembly seats in total. Where there are 36 Congress, near 27 BJP and 5 independents.

First time without Modi election in Gujarat

Significantly, this is Gujarat's first election after assuming the command of Narendra Modi, leaving Gujarat's politics. BJP led by Modi won the 2002, 2007, 2012 elections. In the last few days, in Gujarat, BJP has faced many challenges like Patidar agitation.
The dates for Himachal Pradesh assembly elections are announced. The Commission said that the photo voter ID card will be used in the election. The Election Commission said that for the first time in a state election, VVPAT will be fully utilized. Know, 10 things related to the Himachal Pradesh assembly elections-

1. Total 7521 polling stations will be created in Himachal Pradesh.

2. All polling stations will be on the ground floor.

3. VVPAT will be used on all polling stations.

4. Applying Election Code of Conduct in Himachal Pradesh from today.

5. Videography will be from enrollment to counting of votes.

6. Every election rally and procession will be videography.

7. A candidate can spend up to 28 lakh rupees in the campaign.

8. Votes will be put together on November 9 in Himachal, votes will be counted on December 18.

9. There are total 68 Assembly seats in Himachal Pradesh.

10. Nominations will be filled from October 16 to October 23. Time to withdraw name until 26 

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