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Donald Trump Declare Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, Know its History

Posted on: 07 Dec, 2017 Tags   Jerusalem Israel Donald Trump

IndiaNewsonWeb: 07 Dec, 2017, Donald Trump promised during his election campaign that he would recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. He promised that he would shift the American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Amidst protests by Palestine and the international community, US President Donald Trump has made a historic announcement of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday. Trump's move is being opposed internationally as well as in the United States. Let's know why Jerusalem's issue is so sensitive and why this is the root cause of controversy.

Religiously a very sensitive city

The Jews, Muslims, and Christians of all religions believe that Jerusalem, surrounded by Mediterranean and Dead Sea, is considered sacred. While the Temple Mount, where the holiest place of Jews is located, the Al-Aqsa Mosque considers Muslims to be very Pakistani. Muslims believe that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the place from where the Prophet Mohammad reached Jannat. Apart from this, some Christians believe that Jesus Christ was crucified only in Jerusalem. The Supurachar church here is considered to be very sacred to Christians.

Palestine also tells its capital

On one side, while the Israelis refer to Jerusalem as their capital, on the other hand, the Palestinians also call Israel the capital of its future. Most countries of the United Nations and the world do not recognize Israel's claims on Jerusalem. Israel declared independence in 1948 and Jerusalem was divided a year later. Later in 1967 Israel captured East Jerusalem after a 6-day war.

No Embassy in Jerusalem

In the year 1980, Israel had declared Jerusalem to be its capital. But the UN Security Council condemned Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem by passing a resolution. This is why there is no embassy of any country in Jerusalem. The embassies of all the countries who recognize Israel are in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv has embassies of 86 countries.

Former US presidents did not shift embassy

There was never a US Embassy in Jerusalem. In 1995 the US Congress passed a law, in which the US had to shift its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Although since 1995, every American has escaped from shifting the presidential embassy and has been stopping the implementation of the law, citing security reasons.

Embassy Shift Trump's Promise

Donald Trump promised to shift the embassy during his election campaign. Although this year, he signed for a special provision, under which the embassy was barred for 6 months. He is going to do this once again this week but he will also announce to start the process of shifting the embassy in his speech. Trump can declare that he supports Israel's claim that Jerusalem is its capital.

Trump steps internationally opposed

There is resentment among the Palestinians with plans for trump to be shifted to Jerusalem, the embassy located in Tel Aviv. They consider East Jerusalem as its capital. Turkish President Erdogan has warned America that if he does this, regional peace will be in danger. Many countries have also appealed to Trump not to make such an announcement. 

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