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Demonetization is becoming Beneficial for BJP in Elections

Posted on: 24 Feb, 2017 Tags   Demonetisation BJP Panchayat Poll Panchayat Election

IndiaNewsonWeb: 24 Feb, 2017, PM Modi had announced on November 8 demonetization decision. Opposition from parliament to road, saying it decided against public commotion a lot. The opposition said it went straight to pay off at the polls but the outcome of the recent elections show the opposite. After demonetization all the elections or by-elections the BJP's spectacular performance. Let us know demonetization proved harmful or become beneficial for BJP.

Record Performance in BMC

Maharashtra polls held in the killing of opposition parties had hoped that demonetization will harmful for BJP. But it was not to their political fortunes. Even apart from the BJP, Shiv Sena contesting Demonetization stood up in arms against the BJP. But the outcome was going to be excited for the BJP. Even party remained the largest party with 84 seats, BJP 31 seats, up from the last time took 82 seats. At the same party in the civic polls in Maharashtra also won eight of nine major municipalities is. BJP claims that Demonetization gained him no harm.

Local body elections in Gujarat

After Demonetization local body elections in Gujarat waving the flag of the BJP managed to win. The BJP raised the issue of corruption and 123 of the 107 seats, given their reply to the opposition.

After 20 years Majority in Chandigarh

Demonetization Parliament and pitched on the road running between Chandigarh BJP's victory in municipal elections continued. After 20 years the majority of the 26 BJP and opposition BJP 20 seats Demonetization myth told.

Show different results in Odisha

February 14 civic polls in Odisha BJP's performance in the results surprised everyone. The first stage in the election after ruling Biju Janata Dal, the BJP and the Congress lost to the main opposition party, the third pushed replaced.

Rajasthan has the advantage

Panchayat Samiti seats in Rajasthan in November 24 elections were held for 12 seats and the BJP retained incinerate.
Also not affect by-election

After demonetization in November, 7 states by-election was 14 seats. Of these, Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh on the seats won by the BJP. Nepanagar Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha and assembly seats in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam Lakhimpur & baithlanso constituency Hulang Lok Sabha and Assembly seats, BJP won.
Maharashtra civic polls showing at the recent polls in Odisha BJP after showing its strong presence celebrate this success going. UP is set to capitalize on this success. In this episode, the BJP has announced that on February 25 as a day of victory, the victory celebration in the country. BJP district headquarters across the country on February 25, under which celebrate Victory Day. 

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