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Congress Suggest Economic Backward Class Reservation, Now U-Turn of Hardik Patel


IndiaNewsonWeb: 09 Nov, 2017, All eyes are on the deal of Hardik Patel and Congress in the Gujarat elections, but he has not been finalized yet. No final decision was made in the marathon meeting between Congress and Team Hardik till late night on Wednesday, but Hardik Patel's team, giving ultimatum till November 8, has asked for more time now. On the Congress side Sonia Gandhi's envoy Kapil Sibal was involved in the meeting while his team sat on behalf of Hardik. A formula was discussed but both the camps refused to tell the media formula.

Meanwhile, the big news is that Hardik's team has now dismissed the EBC, sitting ready to accept economic reservation. Those who came from Hardik Patel made it clear that they would not tell what happened in the meeting, but so sure that they did not get EBC ie Economically Backward Class approved. Hardik Patel was indicating that he could agree on the issue of economic reservation but rejected it today.

Hardik Patel has already increased the deadline twice. Yesterday at midnight when Hardik's supporters sat on the table with the Congress, then once again the deadline increased. Hardik's team will now seek advice from lawyers and retired judges about this confidential formula. This formula will be placed in front of other people of Patidar society, after that the Hardik will decide something. In the first phase, the right time of thirty days is left in the election. In the meantime, the expectations of the Congress have now only stuck on Hardik.

Earlier on October 30, Congress had also met with Patidar Reservation Agitation Committee leader Hardik Patel and other leaders. Congress had agreed on four demands in five of 'pass', but the pitch was stuck on reservation. On behalf of the Congress, it was said that only after considering the opinions of law-makers, the party Patidar will take a decision on reservation.

Rs 35 lakh to the family of every person who was martyred in Patidar agitation against the Congress and the 'pass', the commission of a government servant made to the victim's family and the commission to pay Rs.65 million There has already been consensus on the issues of carrying 2 thousand crore.

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