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Benefits to India from Prime Minister Narendra Modi Israel Visit


IndiaNewsonWeb: 04 Jul, 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's historic visit to Israel will start on Tuesday. The eyes of the whole world are on this tour, this is the first time that any Indian Prime Minister is going to Israel. With Modi's visit, India's defense policy and defense system will get a major boost. At the same time, in the case of diplomacy, many visits can be expected from this tour.

Before the PM's visit, preparations for his arrival in Israel have already begun, just a few days ago a local Israeli newspaper had written that "wake up, the world's most powerful PM is coming". Come on, what can India expect from this historic journey of Modi, read what will Modi bring with this journey..?


PM Modi has made a little distance from Palestine to make good relations with Israel. Modi will not go to Palestine before and after this visit. Although earlier India used to meet the representatives of the two countries together to make relations better for both countries.


All of them are on the defense deals of India and Israel, but apart from this there will be many other types of agreements between the two countries. There are important agreements like IT, agriculture. At the same time, there is a hope that both the countries are moving towards free trade soon. Thereby, the promotion of Make in India can be encouraged. At the same time, India will become Israel's 10th largest business partner.

Meditation of the Ganges

There may be an agreement between the Uttar Pradesh government and Israel regarding the cleaning of a part of the Ganga. At the same time, there is hope that the agreement with high tech, water management, agriculture, health, education, military cooperation, smart city, research is being done. Apart from this, the industry can become a fund of 40 million US dollars for research and development between the two countries.

Israel also has the advantage

India is the fourth largest economy in the world, this is the reason why Israel also wants good relations with us. Israel can use this power of India to do diplomatic negotiations with other countries of Asia with the Middle East. On the other hand, Israel's eyes can be quite fruitful in India's Make in India, Digital India, Start-up India, Clean Ganga, Smart City and National Agricultural Market initiatives.

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