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America Separated from Paris Climate Deal

Posted on: 02 Jun, 2017 Tags   Donald Trump Paris Climate Deal China India PM Modi

IndiaNewsonWeb: 02 Jun, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump has separated America from the historic Paris climate agreement. Trump says that in this agreement, strict provisions have not been made for India and China, while these two countries are doing nothing to stop pollution. In this way, the United States got separated from international efforts to deal with global warming.

Trump said in the Rose Garden of the White House, "America will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement to fulfill its serious duties of conservation of our citizens. We are withdrawing from him and will start the conversation again. "Trump said that he wants the Paris Agreement to have a proper agreement for American interests in climate change.

On this, former President Barack Obama condemned Trump and said that the US should not comply with the agreement and play with the future of future generations. Democratic MPs have also strongly criticized Trump's decision. Apart from this, the European Commission's President Jean Claude Junker has also termed Trump's move as a very wrong decision.

Trump said that the Paris Climate Agreement is a very bad agreement for America. Announcing the separation of the United States from this agreement, Trump also said that he would resume talks on the Paris Convention so that proper agreement could be made in the interest of America and its people.

Trump said that India has joined the Paris Climate Agreement to get billions of dollars from developed countries. This agreement is unfair to the US. They alleged that India and China would double the level of their coal production. Earlier, US Vice President Mike Pains said that Donald Trump is taking these steps to make the United States great again.

Trump's saying meant that he now wants a climate agreement on the terms of the US. Trump said that he wants to make an agreement that protects America's industrial interests and protects Americans' jobs. Trump also included in its election agenda to separate America from the Paris Climate Agreement. With this step, he also fulfilled his election promise.

Earlier on May 31, US national Donald Trump targeted India, Russia and China, saying that these countries are doing nothing to stop pollution, while the US is paying millions of dollars for it. It is known that more than 190 countries had agreed on the Paris Agreement. It was initiated by then US President Barack Obama himself. At the same time, American President Trump is often saying that America did not make 'the right deal' in Paris. India's ambassador to India, Richard Verma, tweeted the decision of Trump to be extremely poor and weak.

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