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8 Most Dangerous Airports in the World

  • 1. Courchevel Airport, France:- France Courchevel Airport is dangerous as Nepal's Tenzing airport. Bond series, the famous movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies', a few scenes were filmed here.
  • 2. Gibraltar Airport:- The lack of flat land of Gibraltar airport runway, a busy road passes through. The road is known as the Winston Churchill Avenue. During the landing of all aircraft, traffic is stopped. Of its kind in the world is a different and u
  • 3. Antarctica:- The US Antarctic Program is the main runway. Its strength can be gauged from the fact that, there is also a giant Boeing 757. Is the most dangerous time of the landing of the plane glide.
  • 4. Agatti Aerodromes:- Lakshadweep Agatti island airport is in the south of the island is the only airstrip. These small runway length of 4,000 feet was as pretty to look at but it is quite dangerous to land the flight.
  • 5. Madeira Airport:- Portugal is a beautiful course, but naturally the airport to fly as a pilot and the landing is hard enough. Airport is surrounded by the sea on one side and the other side hills. Precisely here exist just two runways.
  • 6. Princess Juliana International Airport:- In St. Martin Maho Beach is so close to the airport. The big attraction for tourists. Near the landing area when the plane passes over the heads of 10 to 20 meters. The experience over the large number of tour
  • 7. Uaancho e. Yroskvin:- Saba Island in the Netherlands for the airport is only for small aircraft. The airport runway near the sea, which is just 400 meters long. In terms of beauty is one of the world's most beautiful islands.
  • 8. Tenzing Hillary Airport:- Khumbu in Nepal, Tenzing Airport is one of the world's most dangerous airports. The airport remained extremely high, is surrounded by hills on all sides. The on extremely short runway, which ends before the deep trench.
Posted on: 22 Feb, 2017 Tags   Airport

IndiaNewsonWeb: 22 Feb, 2017, How would you feel? When an airplane cross over your head 10 to 20 meters above, or you may be stopped at of further traffic signal why is afoot landing of airplane or if you are traveling in flight which they land on airport surrounded by mountains. Strange is not a dream is on. Today we are going to tell you about the dangerous such airports.


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