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10 Things that are banned in Saudi Arabia

Posted on: 04 Mar, 2017 Tags   Saudi Arabia Banned

IndiaNewsonWeb: 04 Mar, 2017, Saudi Arabia is one of the world's richest countries. The monarchy still paramount leader of the country and there are king. Financially strong despite its inhabitants, especially women, do not have the freedom to do many things which we cannot imagine in India. Let us know about these things ... 10 common things banned in Saudi Arabia

1: In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive the car. Within the boundaries of their home or in the desert where it can drive, but on the road they cannot drive.

2: In Saudi Arabia, women cannot travel anywhere alone. If he is to travel alone, so it is required to take permission. Yes, after 45 years they can come and go anywhere alone. Before the age of 45 to get somewhere with a male guardian must be.

3: In this country, many areas where women are not allowed to work. Saudi Arabia Saudi Armco only is a company where you will find a girl Engineers. Here, women are allowed to work as teachers and doctors. Places like lingerie store also all male work.

4: Followers of religions other than Islam in Saudi Arabia is not allowed to worship publicly. The whole country will not get a single church or temple. Even in Saudi scriptures of other religions also are not allowed to read publicly. Also, if someone likes a particular religion except Islam, the death penalty is fixed.

5: In Saudi Arabia You cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day. On this day, the stores sell red flowers and heart-shaped items are strictly prohibited. Refusing to rule on the stores could always lock the hanging. Also on this day, women cannot wear red cloth.

6: In Saudi Arabia, men and women together in public is not allowed to mingle freely. That is why the banks, public buildings, malls, universities, parks, or the many places separate entrances for men and women meet. Refusing to rule on the face of strong action.

7: shows the Saudi Arabia under Islamic law, so that the provisions in this country is, the 'Halal' is mandatory. Such foods as well as many in this country are completely banned. If someone violates this rule, it is a punishment.

8: Women in Saudi Arabia are denied entry into the gym. Women in this country are not going to the gym, nor could float in a public swimming pool. For some time, allowing the women went to the private gym, but this feature is also later withdrawn.

9: The month of Ramadan in the day you can eat and drink nothing publicly. If you do so, for it is hard punishment.

10: Cinema in Saudi Arabia are also prohibited. However, you can watch movies at home and companies in the compound. That is why the citizens of Bahrain Saudi nearby areas tend to watch movies in this small country.

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