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10 ASEAN Country Head Will Attend Republic Day Parade, Know About These Guest

Posted on: 25 Jan, 2018 Tags   ASEAN Summit Republic Day Bilateral Ties

IndiaNewsonWeb: 25 Jan, 2018, For the first time in India's history, this is happening when the President of 10 countries is going to participate in the Republic Day program. On January 26, 10 world countries will see India's power with their eyes on Rajpath of Delhi. So far, on the occasion of Republic Day, the tradition of calling the President of a single country as a guest is coming. Myanmar Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi will also be participating in the program along with these leaders. On Thursday, every President will meet President Ramnath Kovind and take part in several programs fixed. This time, every President of the Republic Day program, India has many benefits and everybody in India has special significance.

Lee Sean Loong, Prime Minister Singapore

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Sean Loong is the second Prime Minister to come to India to participate in the Republic Day program. Prior to Loong, former Prime Minister of Singapore, Goh Chok Tong, was to be part of this program in the year 1954. The bilateral relations between the two countries have been very strong after 2014 when Loong assumed the command of the Singapore regime. From the first day of his tenure, Lung has been taking the side of coalition, calling Prime Minister Modi his friend.

Prayuth Chan-Ocha, Thailand

Like Singapore's Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-Ocha is the second Prime Minister of Thailand who will participate in the Republic Day program. Earlier, Thailand's second Prime Minister Yinglak Shinawatra has become part of this program. Prayuth and China are considered very good relations. Despite the relations between India and China, they have established good relations with both countries. In the tenure of the sponsorship, India and Thailand have signed cooperation in many areas.

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar

The deepness of India's relationship with Myanmar is not hidden from anyone. Noble prize winner Aung Sang Suu Kyi is currently the State Counselor of Myanmar. There was a strong connection between the countries during the independence from the British, which are also established in the present. Both countries have also helped each other at the international level.

Sultan Bolkiah, Brunei

In this meeting of the President, Modi is going to insist on 'look towards East' (Look East Policy) policy. Brunei also supports the same policy. Sultan of Brunei Hasan alar Bolkia came to India for the first time in the 2012 ASEAN conference. This is the first time when a Sultan of Brunei is becoming part of the Republic Day program.

Hun Sen, Cambodia

Hun Sen has handled Cambodia's power since 1985. Because of being in power for so many years, his name is among the few politicians whose tenure has so long gone. Cambodia and India have a long-standing relationship, cultural influence between the two countries. Many Hindu temples in Cambodia are a living example of this.

Joko Widodo, Indonesia

Indonesian Prime Minister Joko Widodo is also going to attend the event. In the year 2014, it became the PM there. With regards to Indonesia, India's relations are getting stronger. Indonesia plays a strong role in the south-east. It is considered one of the largest countries in the region.

Mohammad Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, Malaysia

Mohamed Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, has been managing Malaysia's power since 2009. Indian contribution has been a significant contributor to Malaysia. The Indian company has invested extensively in the Malaysian economy.

Nguyen Juan Fuk, Vietnam

Nguyen Juan Fuk is the Prime Minister of Vietnam. There have been agreements between the two countries on many issues like defense, oil sector, health and space. There is a strong connection between Vietnam and India.

Rodrigo Duarte, Philippines

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duarte, is the 16th President of the country. He is considered to be the oldest president in the country till now. Rodrigo will come to India for the first time. But before that, the relations between the two countries were stronger when India gave financial help by giving five million dollars to the Philippines. 

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